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We are proud of our unique line of medieval LARP bows that are all regulated to suit strict LARP standards in draw weight and security. Some of our bows are covered in a suede finish and hand stitched with a beautiful lacing. All of our fantasy LARP bows have a leather grip and some are made to resemble authentic medieval bows. We at Epic Armoury Unlimited believe that LARP Archery must change to protect those who suffer real injuries due to unregulated weapons at these events. All of our bows and arrows have been tested for LARP events and are certified safe. Our archery supplies can be used for archery games such as Tag due to our combat friendly arrows. Play safe, trust our LARP archery gear!

Larp Archery (55)

Large Hunter Quiver, Brown


Large Hunter Quiver, Black


Small Hunter Quiver, Brown


Small Hunter Quiver, Black


Horseman Bow


Medium Squire Bow


Small Squire Bow


RFB Deluxe Horsebow, Polished Black


RFB Medium Deluxe Bow, Polished Black


Tex Tite Wax


Flathead Larp Arrow, Brown Shaft


IDV Replacement Bow String


IDV Bow, Black


IDV Bow, Brown


LARP Crossbow Bolt, Round Head


Round Head LARP Arrow, Brown Shaft


Roundhead LARP Arrow, White Shaft


Round Head LARP Arrow, Black Shaft


Replacement Arrow Fletching


Replacement Arrow Nock