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LARP full plate steel armor is what defines a knight on the battlefield. This iconic piece of medieval LARP equipment brings prestige and respect and class to any paladin, warrior or fighter. Epic Armoury Unlimited carries a vast selection of functional, mild steel armor packages designed for both the novice and the experienced LARPer. We make it our duty to provide you with a selection of traditional historical suit of armor to high fantasy armor. We carry styles of armor ranging from lightweight ready for battle armor to the full plate armor designed for intense battle situations. Investing in a suit of armor will give you the level of confidence and protection you need to defend yourself during LARP battles while looking great wearing it. We make it easy for any LARPer to acquire their first complete battle-ready armor.

Larp Full Armor (Metal) (13)

King Armor, Small


Armure Complète Guerrier, Noir (2ième Qualité)


Mercenary Armor Deal, Brown


Mercenary Armor Deal, Black


Templar of Negation Armor Set


Undead Armor, Heavy Deal


Armure Complet Chevalier de l'Ordre


Roman Legion Armor


Armure Complète Drake Noir


Armure Complète Guerrier, Noir


Armure Complète Guerrier, Acier Poli


Armure Complète Gothique


Ratio Complete Armor