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LARP gauntlets keep the warrior’s hands safe and well protected during epic battles. Our fantasy gauntlets are made from 1 mm mild steel and come in a variety of finishes ranging from polished steel to dark metal. Epic Armoury LARP gauntlets are produced in three unique types. The first is the hourglass gauntlet, protecting the warrior's hand and wrist from contact. The second is a demi-gauntlet, it has a shell-like form that protects the arm and the top of the hand and is considered pretty mobile. The third is a full gauntlet giving the hand, wrist and lower arm maximum protection and comfort in combat. LARP gauntlets are the perfect hand armor that any LARP fighter can ask for.

Larp Gauntlets (Metal) (15)

Hourglass Gauntlets, Green


Hourglass Gauntlets, Black


Hourglass Gauntlets, Red (2nd Quality)


Hourglass Demi Gauntlets, Dark Steel


Hourglass Demi Gauntlets, Polished Steel


Hourglass Gauntlets, Black (2nd Quality)


Hourglass Gauntlets, Green (2nd Quality)


Hourglass Gauntlets, Red


Undead Steel Gauntlets


Gantelets Chevalier de L'Ordre


Scout Gauntlets - Polished Steel


Rondel Hand Armor - Dark Steel


Ratio Gauntlets


Rondel Hand Armor- Polished Steel


Medieval Gauntlets - Polished Steel