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Our steel LARP Helmets are a must for any warrior entering onto the battlefield and something that any respectable knight should own. Epic Armoury is pleased to offer a series of ready to wear, battle-ready, Medieval Helmets designed for live-action role-playing. You should always wear a helmet when going to war! Our 1mm steel helmets come with an adjustable leather liner, foam padding and a chin strap for a quick and comfortable fit. Whether it be the Sugarloaf, the Viking, the Norman Nasal or the Barbuta Helmet, they will all fit to suit your needs.  Our helmets are safe for LARP combat situations only and should not be used for live steel combat.

Larp Helmets (Metal) (33)

Ratio Helmet, Polished Steel


RFB Helmet, Polished Steel


Secret Helmet, Polished Steel


Viking Spagenhelm, Dark Steel


Viking Spagenhelm, Polished Steel


Heaume Des Croisades, Noir


Heaume des Croisades, Acier Poli


Sugar Loaf Helmet, Dark Steel


Sugar Loaf Helmet, Polished Steel


Visored Barbuta, Dark Steel


Casque Barbute, Noir


Roman Trooper Helmet, Red Plumes


Raven Helmet, Dark Steel


Raven Helmet, Polished Steel


Guardsman Helmet, Dark Steel


Guardsman Helmet, Polished Steel


Illumine Helmet, Brass


Persian Helmet, Dark


Persian Helmet, Polished Steel


Undead Helmet