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A Medieval Gambeson vest or Arming Coat is what you must wear if you want to remain protected during LARP combat. This period Padded Coat should be worn beneath your armor and is necessary for comfort, and it protects you from bruising. The LARP Gambeson can also be worn beneath chainmail or worn alone as a renaissance fencing Jacket at your next Medieval Faire. Our Functional gambesons come in a variety of sizes, colours, and models that are perfect for any type of medieval warrior daring to appear on the battlefield. Our unique gambeson designs are ideal for Viking or knights, giving you an imperial look with a comfortable fit.

Medieval Gambesons / Renaissance Gambesons for LARP (28)

RFB Gambeson, Black


Ratio Tunic


Imperial Gambeson, Black


Imperial Gambeson, Beige


RFB Padded Armor, Black


RFB Padded Armor, Beige and Brown


RFB Padded Mantle, Black


RFB Padded Mantle, Beige