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Epic Armoury Unlimited has the best selection of Medieval Scabbards and Sword Frogs for medieval or fantasy LARP weapons. A leather sheath is the easiest way to carry your LARP Sword at a Medieval Festival or Renaissance Fair. Most of the sword frogs we offer are made of thick leather and come in various shapes, sizes, and colours to match your costume. Our leather frogs hold your foam sword or dagger securely in place while you wage battle. Just about all the leather frogs we sell will fit your medieval belt, and we give you the option to be hung on your left or right side. A leather sword frog is part of your essential larp gear and is a great way to sheath your foam weapon.

Medieval Scabbards & Sword Frogs for LARP (62)

Right Hand Adventurer Sword Holder, Brown


Right Hand Sword Holder, Black


Right Hand Fur Holder Black


Left Hand Sword Holder, Black


Leather Double Sword Hanger, Brown


Right Hand Sword Holder, Brun


Leather Double Sword Hanger, Black


Rogue Sword Holder, Black


RFB Large Holder, Black And Green


Left Hand Adventurer Sword Holder, Brown


Right Hand Fur Holder, Brown and Black


Left Hand Fur Holder, Black


Right Hand Victory Holder, Brown and Green


RFB Small Holder, Brown And Black


RFB Sword Back Scabbard, Black


Right Hand Long Scabbard, Brown


RFB Medium Holder, Brown And Green


Left Hand Adventurer Sword Holder, Black


Leather Pirate Baldric, Black


Leather Musketeer Baldric, Brown