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Reduced Price (39)

Medium Shield (2nd Quality)


Left Hand Leather Gauntlet, Black (2nd Quality)


Templar Shield, White/Red


Rondache (2ième Qualité)


RFB Hybrid Sword. 70cm - 80 cm (2nd Quality)


Right Hand Leather Gauntlet, Black (2nd Quality)


Ragnar Chainmail, Steel (2nd Quality)


Cotte de mailles Alaric, Noir (2ième Qualité)


Coiffe cotte de mailles Alaric, Acier (2ième Qualité)


Templar Shield, Red/Gold


Spartha Foam Sword, 85 cm


Classic Foam Dagger (2nd Quality)


Coiffe en cotte de mailles Alaric, Noir (2ième Qualité)


Margot Corset, Dryad Green


Dark Elf Corset, Brown


Dark Elf Corset, Brown and Black


Dark Elf Corset, Black and White


Celtic Surcoat


Vibro Sword, 105 cm


Spartha Foam Sword, 60 cm