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Twin Leather Belt, Brown
Twin Leather Belt, Brown
Twin Leather Belt, Brown
Twin Leather Belt, Brown
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Twin Leather Belt, Brown


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Use this Brown Twin Leather Belt at any LARP event or renaissance fair as a way to carry your favorite pouch, sword frog or any other medieval accessory. This 120 cm leather belt is comprised of two small belts that are sewn together to create a unique style.



Taking care of your Epic Armoury leather armor and gear is a must! Leather is a natural material that can easily rot, grow fungus, smell, crack or become brittle if not well maintained. Leather can last for years with the proper care and maintenance. So please take the time to keep your LARP gear in top shape.

Please do not leave your armor lying in the grass after removing it. The acid and humidity from the grass tend to accelerate the rot and strange odors that are hard to remove.

When you have finished LARPing, remove your leather gear and let it dry in the sun as you tear down your camp. The Sun's ultraviolet radiation and increased water temperatures work together to kill harmful bacteria in the water and help to kill the fungus that can grow on the leather.

Note: Maintenance is required to obtain your right to claim our two 2-Year Warranty!

Leather Cleaning

Suede Leather:

Use a dry bristle brush or clean, dry bath towel to remove dust and dirt after every LARP event. It is important to note that you must avoid using water due to maintain the napped finish of the leather.

Regular Leather:

If you do nothing else, just cleaning your LARP gear using a wet rag is the way to go. Avoid using any regular soap because the chemicals can harm the leather. Saddle Soap is a perfect alternative.

Use distilled water to avoid particles in the water. Never soak the leather, it is preferable to spray onto a soft cloth.