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Fake Blood Capsules - Epic Armoury Unlimited
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Fake Blood Capsules


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Our realistic Blood Capsules are great for creating dramatic gore effects during epic battles. when you bite down on a capsule, the content will mix with the saliva in your mouth letting you spit realistic blood from your mouth in seconds. This package contains 10 capsules.

  • Optimizes your Epic Effects Make-Ups effects
  • Water based
  • Does not stain and can be removed with water
  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • Used by professional makeup artists in the theater and movie industries

The package contains ten capsules that can be stored inside its resealable case. The capsules are made from safe-gelatin, which dissolves if exposed to moisture.


  1. Place one capsule in your mouth. The gelatin will dissolve, but can be kept inside the mouth for a few minutes before use.
  2. Bite down on the capsule to release the powdered mix inside.
  3. Allow the powder to mix with your saliva inside your mouth, then you will be able to spit or leak realistic blood from your mouth.
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