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Glue Remover, 50ml - Epic Armoury Unlimited
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Mastix Spirit Glue Remover, 50 ml


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Use this Spirt Glue Remover to clean off mastix or spirit glue from your skin or prosthetic. use a cotton swab or brush to remove all traces of glue. then wipe with a dry cloth. it is also ideal for cleaning the skin before application of mastix, which improves the grip.

  • Optimizes your Epic Effects Make-Up effects
  • Water based
  • Does not stain or comes off in water
  • Used by professional makeup artists in the theater and movie industries

Apply with brush, swab or a piece of cloth. Do not leave Mastix Spirit Gum Remover on the skin to avoid potential irritation. Clean the area with mild-soap and warm water after use. If the skin is dry, apply moisturizing lotion.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prosthetic Power Glue should not be used around the eyes or on mucous membranes like the lips, eyelids or on private areas. Keep away from open flames, as this product is highly flammable.


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