About us

Epic Armoury Unlimited is the official North American distributor of a brand of LARP ( Live Action Role Play) equipment. We aim to be the best at what we do and have built up a solid reputation for being a reliable supplier of LARP retailers, fair vendors, and filmmakers in Canada and the United States.

Founded in 2010 by two LARPing fans challenged by the lack of availability and affordable Live Action Role Play products, we decided to import ourselves. Our project quickly evolved not only into the largest distributor in Canada but has expanded to reach the US market. We operate out of a Canadian office and warehouse, providing all stores, vendors, and merchants with their quality products.

Our product development team continually generate new designs with functionality, creativity, and safety in mind. Most of our products are handmade, which adds that extra unique layer to each individual item. All of our products are built on the love and passion for the LARP hobby, and that is why they say:

Our products are designed by Larpers, for Larpers!

Our Mission

Our mission is to earn the loyalty of our customers through quality products, excellent service, and safe roleplay gear with innovative designs. We thrive on energetic individuals who attract and nourish the LARP community and who have a love for the hobby.

Our Vision

To continue to be the best provider of live-action roleplay equipment in North America and uniting the LARP community.

"The greatest leaders create uniqueness, develop new ventures, and encourage others to accomplish their best work."

Discover our team

Patrick Penning 

Patrick is the founder and president of Epic Armoury Canada Ltée (Epic Armoury Unlimited) since 2010. Prior to that, Patrick owned and operated a medieval leather and steel armoury, was co-owner of a LARP event. He also worked as a graphic designer, set designer, contractor, and ran the marketing and was a warehouse manager for a successful importer. Since 1996, Patrick has been involved in the evolution of the LARP community by sharing his continued innovation and creativity with roleplayers.  

Nathalie Drouin

Nathalie is a five year veteran of Epic Armoury Canada Ltée (Epic Armoury Unlimited) and oversees all the day-to-day activity of the company. Nathalie coordinates the team, negotiates with the clients and merchants, and handles the accounting. Previously to joining our team, she was employed at CNID as an office coordinator and communications for ten years. Nathalie has been an avid LARPer for over 18 years, participating in a multitude of fantasy-based events.

Jean-Philippe Rodier

JP leads the warehouse team and responsible for all shipping and receiving. Participating in various roles, JP also drives the team for many marketing engagements. JP oversees retail activities and is an assistant to a multitude of tasks. His previous experience includes online sales and warehouse manager for a large electronics store. He was on the creative team for a live-action roleplay event and has been a participant in LARP events over the last 20 years.