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About Us

Who is Epic Armoury Unlimited?

Epic Armoury Unlimited is the BEST Medieval store that sells LARP ( Live Action Role Play) equipment because we care about your well being. We sell Foam Swords, Medieval & Renaissance Clothing and wearable Metal Armor that you can wear at a LARP, Wedding or Cosplay event. We strive to be the best at what we do. We have built up a solid reputation for being the biggest supplier of LARP gear for role-players and contributing to the film industry in Canada and the United States.

Founded in 2010 by two LARPing fans challenged by the lack of affordable Live Action Role Play products, we decided to start helping local LARP communities equip themselves. Our project quickly evolved into the most extensive Medieval Store in Canada and has since expanded to reach the US market. We operate out of a Canadian office and warehouse, providing our passionate clients with quality Medieval Attire, Armor and Foam Weaponry.

Our product development team continually generates new foam weapons and medieval armor designed with functionality, creativity, and safety in mind. Most of our products are handmade, which adds that extra unique layer to each individual item. All of our products are built on the love and passion we have for the LARP hobby. And that is why they say "Our products are designed by LARPers, for LARPers!".

Our Mission

Our mission is to earn the loyalty of our customers through the distribution of quality medieval products, excellent service, and safe roleplay gear with innovative designs. We thrive on energetic, passionate Larpers, Cosplayers, Renaissance Fair goers and medieval enthusiasts who attract and nourish the LARP community and who have a love for the hobby. We continually provide the best live-action roleplay equipment in North America by helping to unite the LARP community.

"The greatest leaders create uniqueness, develop new ventures, and encourage others to accomplish their best work."


Patrick Penning was the founder and president of Epic Armory Canada Ltée (Epic Armory Unlimited) but has relinquished control of the website in 2021 to a company called Kreative Werkz.

Our Medieval Store (South Shore of Montreal)

Unfortunately our store is now closed but we do offer curbside pickup at our Brick ad mortar location in Laprairie, Québec.