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How do I order?

Orders are accepted through our website or by email. Placing your order online is much with less chance of human error and offers a secure payment method.

What is the best way to order?

When ordering through our website, you can place your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The inventory is done in real-time, so unless there is a mistake in our system, the item you have ordered will be in stock. For custom orders of items we do not currently have in stock, please be aware that this might take a while to get, and we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date.

Can I order by phone?

If you prefer to call us and place your order, you may do so during our business hours. We provide a toll-free phone number for any phone orders or customer service. Our service center will make all the necessary arrangements with you to ensure you get the best service possible.

How can I pay?

By phone, we accept visa, mastercard, and paypal. But online, you have the full range and freedom to pay the way you see fit. Online is safer, quicker, and has the best payment flexibility. Please note we do not accept american express or personal checks.

I need my order fast, what can I do?

If you need your order by a specific date, please let us know! If you are ordering by phone, you can tell the representative who is taking your order. If you are ordering online, we have a special notes field on the first page of checkout. You also have the option of choosing the delivery service that best suits you.

If we know your need by date, we can check ahead of time to make sure we will be able to deliver it to you on time. Providing a need by date will not make the items ship faster, but it will let us know we need to notify you right away. If an item is out of stock, a representative will contact you immediately.  

Is a product available?

Our website now shows stock status for all products. When you are looking at an item, you will see its availability. If it says "in stock" and shows a quantity, then we have the product in our warehouse, and we will ship it out the next open business day.

Can I order an out of stock item?

Due to the specialized industry we are in, backorders do occur. Sometimes the demand for our larp products is higher than the speed of production.

This is how a backorder will happen. When certain items go out of stock, it means they are either still in production or queued for production. If you see an article on order, we will usually receive it within 60 days. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience this may cause.

You can also pay in advance for an item to ensure you get it with our next order. We cannot guarantee a need-by-date; however, we will put a rush on it, so you get it as soon as possible.

Can I cancel an order?

If you need to cancel your order for any reason, it is best to call our customer service team during business hours. You may also email this request, but please note that your request will be processed in the order it is received, and in some cases, orders may ship before an emailed request is processed. Orders can be canceled as long as they have not already been shipped. There is no fee to cancel an order.

How can I return or exchange a product?

We will take returns for up to 30 days from the ship date of your order. Any returned items must be in original condition. This means the product cannot be worn, washed, soiled, damaged, or used in any way. Please see our return policy for complete details.