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What is the difference between a regular Latex Sword and a Hybrid Latex Sword?

A regular latex weapon is entirely made of foam, then coated in latex, and has a rubber handle with leather grip. The Hybrid weapon is a foam blade dipped in latex, giving it a superior uniform and thicker coat. Then the blade is inserted into a hard polyurethane handle giving it spectacular realism and durability, even in extreme combat situations.

What does RFB stand for?

It stands for Ready For Battle. This brand is part of the Epic Armoury collection offering attractive weapons and costuming for novice Larpers. These items are often more simplistic and cost-effective and are a perfect way to equip yourself with larp gear at a lower price.

Why did you name Darkmoon for post-apocalyptic gear?

Darkmoon is a Larp Brand made by Epic Armoury, so we just chose a cool name. We just figured that the world would be covered in dust and debris, making it look like night or a dark moon.

Is the Stronghold brand the best type of Larp weapon for me?

The Stronghold brand by Epic Armoury uses very durable Epic foam with a polyurethane handle making this weapon maintenance-free and super resistant. We worked really hard for two years to develop technology to allow us to have lightweight foam that will not tear. These swords are super resistant, safe, and priced well enough to make a clear statement on the battlefield.

What is the Difference between a Latex Weapon and a Foam Weapon?

A latex weapon is a foam coated in durable latex coating. These weapons are all handmade and generally accepted in almost any LARP. Latex weapons require maintenance but are lightweight and do not hit hard. Foam weapons are slightly heavier and tend to pinch more but require no maintenance. Although foam weapons are safe, they tend to hit harder and are not as accepted in LARPS. Please ask your game master to see if any of our weapons are allowed before making your purchase.

How safe are your weapons?

Our Larp weapons were designed for putting safety first. Does this mean they will last a little less long? Maybe, but we choose security over durability. Anybody can make a balanced foam weapon but most often sacrifice the safety of others. Our lightweight foam might not tickle your fancy, but it has the right density and shear strength to distribute the blow as not to harm or bruise the body.

Are Epic Armoury weapons balanced?

On certain models, they are. However, because we place importance on the weight of the weapon for safety, we find little use to balance the weapon properly. On the other hand, they are so very light you probably won't notice it. It's a physics thing.

Are Epic Weapons safe for children?

Yes, Epic Armoury meets all the safety standards required, and we go one step further. Our RFB weapons (Ready for Battle) have a smaller core for the absorption of the Kinetic Energy exerted. Yup, we just threw in grown-up words to say they hit less hard.

Are Epic Weapons better than the competition?

We are somewhat different than what is available in the market. Although you may find similarities between other brands and us once you have tried and tested our weapons, you will see that the improvements that we have made on our weapons will significantly influence your decision. Foam is not just foam. There is a science behind all we do.

Do your weapons hurt?

Even a pillow can cause damage if not appropriately controlled. Our weapons are made for combat, and you can combat with them, just be mindful of the strength you use. Avoid hitting the head or sensitive areas, and remember, if you go to war, make sure you are wearing armor as protection.

Will my sword discolor?

The honest answer is yes, and everything will. Over time the latex sword will change color, but regular maintenance with silicone will mend some of that problem. The stronghold foam requires no maintenance, but slowly you will see discoloration over time.

What LARP Armor should I Buy?

The first thing to consider when buying armor is to decide just what class of player you will be and what style of fighting you will adopt. Armor also depends on the type of weaponry used as well as the environment you play in. You can't be running through a dense forest in bulky armor; it just won't work! Try not to get stuck in the stereotypical character role when selecting your armor, play around with your style till you get the right combination. Not all paladins have to wear shiny metal armor when a leather armor can maybe better suit your needs, and not all thieves have to wear leather armor. The beauty of being a Larper is that you can be anything you want to be, learn to push your imagination to the limits! If you are still not sure if we sell is what you need then call us, write or visit us, we can surely help you find the right armor combination for you.

How do I take care of my Larp Weapons?

We suggest that you inspect your Larp weapons before any Live action role play event. Even though our weapons are resistant, they are not impervious to damage caused by neglect, sharp objects, or normal wear and tear. Here is what to do to maintain the following weapons.

Latex and Hybrid Latex
The use of our 100% acid-free silicone is necessary to maintain the look and durability of the latex. The silicone penetrates the natural latex preventing the latex from drying out due to friction, sweat, and the elements. Never leave a latex weapon in direct sunlight or under the windshield of your car. Extreme heat will cause deformation and bubbling on the surface. Keep away from a petroleum-based product, removers, and Bug Sprays. Bug Sprays contain Deet, and it is a chemical that will alter the composition of the latex, giving it a permanent sticky feeling. If you get small cuts in our latex weapons, they can be repaired using a dab of our repair glue.

Epic Foam Weapons
Basically, foam weapons only need to be inspected before use. Stronghold weapons cannot be coated in latex, painted or repaired with glue. Unfortunately, its superior strength and resistance also make it impervious to that.

Can my Larp weapon be used in the heat and the cold?

As with anything else, LARP weapons do have their limits. We have not been witness to any of our weapons that cannot take normal heat. By normal, we mean any weather any average human can endure. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and extreme conditions might affect our weapons. Cold weather will make the surface of the weapon harder, no matter what. When you fight in cold weather, make sure that you are properly protected as direct contact on the skin in cold weather will pinch somewhat. Other than playing in below -20°C or -4°F, our weapons will withstand any normal temperatures providing the same safety protection. Remember to never leave your Larp weapons outside unattended. They are not like golems; they will rot!

Is my weapon unbreakable?

The common misconception is that Larp weapons were created to withstand unimaginable punishment and abuse when, in reality, they are just foam toys for grown-ups. No, you cannot chop down a tree, place it under 200lbs of armor, leave it to bake in the sun, or use it as a pry bar, but it will still give you hours of slashing enjoyment. An easy test for this would be to get someone to hit you in your genitals with your sword. We guarantee the sword won't break before you fold.

What is the standard Length for our Larp Weapons?

Because every Larp has its own set of rules, we use a certain standard for our weapons that might not exactly fit in your game. Below is a list of the total length of the weaponry in our arsenal and their classification.

- Larp Dagger: 40cm-49cm
- Larp Short Sword: 50cm-70cm
- Larp Long Sword: 71cm-90cm
- Larp Bastard Sword: 91cm - 110cm
- Larp Two Handed Sword: 111cm - 149cm
- Larp Polearms: 150cm +

What can I do if I have a Latex Allergy?

Well, don't give up hope, we still have our stronghold brand and a few foam throwing knives that are latex-free. We want you to bash but not to get a rash.

Can I fight in the SCA with my Larp Armor?

You can, but we don't recommend it. Our armor is designed for LARPing, intended to be hit by foam swords. They are made from 1mm mild steel and will take some abuse but be careful out there, remember that this is a game, not a real battle.

Is armor bulky?

Bulky armor will depend on the type of protection you require. We have some armor, like the Mercenary Armor, that is extremely lightweight and has a near unrestrictive movement where the Gothic Armour is heavy and restricts about 20% movement. The armor bought should reflect the dexterity and protection needed by the warrior.

Do you sell oversized armor?

Although our armor comes in a variety of sizes, if you are big and tall, you might have a hard time finding some that fit. If you have questions about sizing, give us a shout, we will gladly help you out.

Can your armor cut me?

Most of our armor has rolled edges that are folded over and rounded for safety. This safety goes both ways, for you and your adversary. Rolled edges also prevent your weapons from being sliced open. However, this does not mean it can't pinch from time to time, so wear padding!

I just bought armor, but I find it uncomfortable, what can I do?

Armor might pinch or scrape your skin, especially during battle. We strongly recommend underpadding such as a gambeson to help protect you. The gambeson does two things, protects against bruising and helps distribute the weight on the shoulders.

Can I modify the armor?

For sure! In fact, we encourage you to play around by mixing parts, repainting, or giving patina. Make the armor unique to your character.

I want to buy the armor but not the shoulders, what do I do?

Just contact us if you want to modify kits. We know people do not necessarily want the armor as shown, so we do swap parts when we get the request.

Why don't you make Stainless steel Armor?

We don't make stainless steel armor because the cost would be too high and not really worth it. On average, clients tend to change or modify their armor every few years. This additional cost can be low if the client does a little maintenance on the armor at the end of every season.

Can I buy just one bracer or leg armor?

No, sorry, we do not break apart kits to sell by the unit. Try to sell the other at your Larp. I am sure there is another warrior eager for his/her next piece of equipment.

Why should I buy Metal rather than Leather Armor?

That is entirely up to you and the LARP you attend. Usually, leather armor counts for fewer points, but your LARP rules will clearly define the advantages over using both. Some like the leather because it is lighter, less hot, and fits well in natural surroundings, but others love the hard, clangy sound of metal armor.

I broke a strap on my armor, what do I do?

Contact us, and we will try to help you out. We sometimes do small repairs in our store, and we have some spare parts and leather at the ready.

I have rust on my armor, how can I remove it?

Surface rust on armor is easy to remove. We suggest a little WD-40 and a "000" Steel wool pad. Just apply a liberal amount of WD-40 to the affected area and rub with the steel wool gently in a circular pattern. The rust should come right off. Then apply a little oil to keep it from rusting further.

Can I use anything else but oil on my armor?

Yes, you can. In fact, there are several solutions. You can use car wax, a table saw top silicone, or bake on peanut oil for a hard finish. Maintenance is, so you want to do this on a regular basis to prevent rust on your parts.

The back of my armor is rusted, what do I do?

Clean and degrease the entire surface and spray one coat of anti-rust paint over the surface. Sweat will eat through anything other than paint, so we suggest oil-based paint as the most durable solution.

I have a dent in my armor, how do I fix it?

Good old fashioned elbow grease, a hammer, and an anvil will solve that problem. No easy solution to that, but a dent just means you are battle-hardened. Scars on armor are cool!

What about Care and Maintenance?

Maintaining your weapon or armor is an essential part of the life of that item. So often do we see neglect when it comes to maintenance. We have to take care of our stuff for it to last. Silicone on the latex and oil or wax on armor are simple ways to make them last years. Every one of our items has detailed maintenance instructions that can be found on the website. Check it out before you give up on your gear.

Why does my leather armor stink?

Probably because you put it in your bag wet or left it in a dank basement, the best way to prevent this is to allow your armor to dry in the hot sun before storage. Leather will smell like a dead animal because it is one, treat it with respect, and it will last years.

How do I reshape a hardened leather pauldron?

Epic Armoury pauldrons are made from 2 types of leather, vegetable tan and split leather. Vegetable tan is a harder leather that can be reshaped by dipping it in water and placing it in a form to hold it in shape while you heat drying it using the sun, heater, hairdryer, or heat gun. Split leather will never fully regain its form, but you can try the same technique.

How do I protect my leather Armor from the elements?

There are several ways to protect your armor, but it all depends on the type of leather, the usage, and what you want to do with it. For a hardened finish, you can use wax. For simple protection, you can use our spray sheen, and for a more supple leather, you can use mink oil. See our details page for the proper instructions found with all of our products.

Do Barbarians have to wear leather?

Well, that is quite a debate. However, we believe that being a barbarian does not necessarily mean you have to wear only leather. Why can't a barbarian be smart and want to protect themselves like the other warriors? I guess this question is best left to the Larps since their rule system will dictate your restrictions. At what height should I wear my sword belt? In medieval times the belt was worn above the hips at the height of the belly button. This way, your weapon does not follow the movement of the hips and falls perfectly in line with the height of your hand for easy draw.

Why is leather armor more expensive than metal armor?

Leather is an animal product whose resources are smaller than metal. Therefore the base price for leather is much higher than metal. It is simple supply and demand, not because one or the other is easier to produce.

Why should I buy a leather purse to go to my Larp?

The leather purse is as essential at a larp as a good pair of boots. Without it, you cannot carry your loot, you cannot loot others, and you have no way to carry your trinkets around. On top of that, it is just an excellent cool accessory that shapes your character.

Should I buy a full sword scabbard or a small sword frog?

That will depend on if you like to get tripped up by your holder as you flee in panic. A longsword scabbard sometimes gets in the way during combat, when running through the woods or just sitting down. However, they do look cool, and they do protect your weapons from unwanted damage.

Do you sell historical reenactment costumes?

Epic Armoury designs all its models that reflect the overall look of period clothing, but we do not respect historical accuracy. Our designs were made to fit into a multitude of universes and priced to best suit most players. However, you can customize your costume by adding a few hand-sewn stitches or changing the buckles for toggles to give it a more authentic feel.

What can a large ring hold?

The large ring is a quite versatile accessory to own, and we are sure that it will become a useful tool for your character. The ring can carry so many styles and types of weapon and allows you to draw it when necessary quickly. It can hold axes, maces, swords, daggers, and so many other kinds of weapons.

Why should I buy a hood or a hat?

Headwear is often not considered when a player first develops his/her character but is later added to the costume because it is so darn practical. Not only is it useful in the rain, but it can help prevent sunstroke during a roleplaying event.

What is period clothing?

Basically, it means historical or historically inspired clothing. This can mean clothing from ancient times to the Victorian era. It is a broad definition and a different way of saying costume clothing for reenactment purposes.

Does Epic Armoury create custom works?

No! Epic Armoury is a huge manufacturer of Larp products but can only produce on a large scale. Our production facilities are all done off-site and in several countries. Just our designers are local. We encourage you to use our equipment as a basis for your creations. We want to inspire you to customize your costume and make it your own and have fun while doing it.

What is the Epic Circle?

The epic circle is the secret to our design Universe. It is a basic guideline where you can help build a character according to style. It was intended to help direct your focus on the form your character wants to depict. Whether a rogue, warrior, or priest, you can use this universe as a starting point.

What is our Return Policy?

Epic Armoury Unlimited stands by its products and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all its products. If within the 30 days following his reception, you are not completely satisfied with our products, contact us! We invite you to check our Return Policy page on our website for more information.

What is your guarantee?

Epic Armoury stands behind its products. We offer a full two-year warranty against all manufacturers' defects. This includes rivets, straps, delamination of the foam, rods, or anything else that can occur prematurely. See our Returns and Exchanges section for full details

Does Epic Armoury Unlimited Ship Outside North America?

Sorry, we are bound by our commitments to sell within the borders of our realms. However, because of our bilingual status, we are allowed to sell to France. If you are on an adventure in another land, you will have to find a local dealer. If you can't, just send us an email and we will make it a quest to find a dealer near you.

Are there stores near us that sell Epic Armoury products?

Chances are YES! Click on our Distributors page to find a local dealer of our products. They might not have everything we have in stock, but they can get it for you. All of our retailers are Authorised to take back returns and exchanged no matter where you purchased it.

Can I cross the border with a Bow?

YES! Both the US border Services and the Canadian Border services accept our bows. You just need to inform them before inspection.

Are our Larp Arrows Safe?

YES! All of our products are rated for Live Action Role Playing and are safe for recreational use. IDV arrows are the safest on the market, and we have the data to back it up. Watch out for the Chinese knock-offs; they might look like ours, but they will stop a cave troll in its tracks!

When do we get More Stock?

We are continually adding new stuff and replenishing our inventory. At least once a month, we get new orders in, so if you want us to pay particular attention for something, you need either send us a notification by clicking on the "Notify me when in stock" button or send us an email. We also indicate what will be arriving in the next few weeks on our website.

Do you need it for a Certain Date?

Just write a comment on your order, call us or ask us by email. Just tell us your needs and let us work our magic! If you have a "required by" date, then it will help us get what you need for the time you need it.

Worried about Taxes and Customs fees?

Because the only for certain in life is death and taxes, we will try to make your life easier. When in Canada, there are no customs fees, but provincial taxes, unfortunately, will apply. For US customers, for any order under $800 USD, there will be no extra fees; however, State taxes will apply.

What about Shipping?

If you are a first-time buyer or a veteran, you can always profit from our Free Shipping offer on all orders over $250.00 (except oversize items). All of our orders will ship out the same or next business day, and you can only purchase what we have in stock. If you already placed an order but forgot to add something, NO PROBLEM! Drop us a line, and we will add it to your order or make a new one, and we will combine it with your previous order and refund any surcharge. Shipping time will vary, but we make it our priority to get it there as fast as we possibly can.

**Free Shipping only applies only to regular customers and not resellers**

When I place my order, when will I be charged?

As you go through your shopping cart, you will be prompted to pay through Paypal; however, you can use your credit card instead of creating an account with them. We use Paypal because it is a secure way for you to buy from us. We are honest peasants, but Paypal guarantees your belongings will arrive at their destination. Paypal also uses an escrow account reserving your money for us till we send the merchandise. So we don't get paid till we prove we posted it.

What if the Shipper loses your package?

If your packages get lost during shipment, we have you covered. You won't ever be lost in the dust, because your satisfaction is too crucial for us. We will take steps with our carrier to try to find and replace it.

Want to become an Epic Armoury Unlimited retailer?

If you're interested in becoming an authorized Epic Armoury retailer, you must have a business license (issued by your local government) and a retail storefront or a traveling Merchant. Applications to sell Epic Armoury products from home, on an auction website, or if you are a LARP are not accepted. Please fill our retailer application. Epic Armoury Unlimited reviews completed applications in the order they are received, and we will notify you when our decision is made. Incomplete applications will not be processed or considered. The review process may take up to 2-3 days, and your patience is appreciated. Please, direct application questions to info@epicarmouryunlimited.com.

I am in the Military do I get a discount?

Epic Armoury Unlimited deeply appreciates all military men and women for their service. Active retired and reservist US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard personnel are eligible to receive a 10% Epic military discount on epicarmouryunlimited.com. To obtain the military discount on an order, please send us a picture of your military card with your order.

I own a LARP, do you offer sponsorship programs?

We love to encourage the local larp scene. After all, without you, we don't have a job! If you want more info about this, you can either email or call us, and it will be our pleasure to tell you just what we can do to upgrade your LARP.