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No Hassle Warranty

The BEST warranty in the industry

Our 2-year warranty is one of the reasons why Epic Armoury Unlimited plays a vital role in the LARP community. We understand the need for durable products that can stand up in combat, so we make sure all of our equipment is safe and reliable for Live Action Role Playing. When you buy from Epic Armoury Unlimited you have the power of the brand behind you!

We ensure our customer's complete satisfaction by letting them know that all manufacturer defects on any of LARP equipment are fully covered. We are the only LARP Store that offers a 2-year warranty on our weapons, clothing, armor and equipment. Unfortunately, our warranty does not cover incidental damages caused by misuse, neglect or normal wear and tear.

BUY with confidence 

Oooh no! Did you find a problem with one of our swords or equipment?  No problem, just take a few pictures on your phone and send it to us. Our warehouse goblins will look at it and respond to your claim promptly. No need to worry or spend time wondering if your equipment is guaranteed, just send us quality pictures and a short description so we can determine if it falls under our warranty.

Epic Armoury Unlimited has you covered 

If you are not satisfied with a LARP product you bought from epicarmouryunlimited.com, we offer a refund within the first 30 days of receiving the product.  We understand your need for equipment that will function well with the rest of your costume. So if for some reason it doesn't work for you, don't worry, just ship it back (products must be returned in new condition).

Why buy the Epic Armoury brand?

  • No more confusing return policies
  • No more worrying if your weapon will pass inspection
  • We design our products with safety in mind
  • We have staff that know their stuff
  • You get worldwide brand support
  • No more Duct Tape

Instructions for use

  1. This is a roleplay sword, so take it easy when wielding your weapon. Use it to simulate an attack.
  2. Please do not use our LARP weapons as a walking stick. They are made of foam, and they will get damaged.
  3. Weapons are a tricky thing. Although they seem unbreakable, putting too much stress on the fiberglass shaft will eventually result in damage. It is your responsibility as a player to inspect your weapons before each game.
  4. Avoid hitting the weapons against hard, sharp, or massive objects (EX: concrete walls, rocks, sharp armor, tree trunks, wagons and carts, war machines, but giant hill trolls are fine).
  5. Never strike anyone in the head and face.
  6. Do not place in or near a fire.
  7. Never use a damaged LARP product.