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Choose Well When Buying a Sword for Larping

This guide is all about giving you a well informed look into why choosing a Larp sword is not just as simple as one click. Discover why our Larp swords are what you need to give you an intense larp experience.

When choosing a larp sword it can be a bit confusing with everything out there available on the market. The Larp scene had been flooded by cheap knock offs and cosplay swords sold as Larp weapons. Don’t let the low price and the sales pitch fool you, these are cheap props that could fail and injure someone.

Other major brands target their clients as the most durable on the market by stating their foam is the most resistant to shock, torsion or even tear. Being durable doesn’t mean they don’t hurt. Foam density is a tricky thing. Increasing the tear strength to much means the foam impacts harder causing the rod to vibrate and it increases the weight on the blade. To compensate some Foam weapon manufacturers increase the size or shape of the rods and some skip the safety checks. We have found the ideal density foam that will pass at almost any Larp and we ensure and guarantee our quality. We engineer Larp weapons to ensure epic battles!