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Squire Greaves, Black
Squire Greaves, Black
Squire Greaves, Black
Squire Greaves, Black
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Squire Greaves, Black


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This pair of black leather Squire Greaves would make a beautiful addition to your LARP costume. A series of leather plates are laced together giving these shin guards a unique medieval look and serve as useful, light armor protection to fighters and thieves.

32 CM
34 CM
C CALF 29 CM TO 39 CM 32 CM TO 42 CM 40 CM TO 50 CM
D ANKLE 20 CM TO 30 CM 21 CM TO 31 CM 29 CM TO 39 CM


Suede Leather:

Use a dry bristle brush or clean, dry bath towel to remove dust and dirt after every LARP event. It is important to note that you must avoid using water due to maintain the napped finish of the leather.

Regular Leather:

If you do nothing else, just cleaning your LARP gear using a wet rag is the way to go. Avoid using any regular soap because the chemicals can harm the leather. Saddle Soap is a perfect alternative.

Use distilled water to avoid particles in the water. Never soak the leather, it is preferable to spray onto a soft cloth.

Gently wipe the leather to remove the dirt and mud, going with the grain of the leather when possible. Then allow drying in the sunlight.


Waxes and creams and certain types of silicone sprays are the perfect way to protect your leather from deteriorating.

Soft Leather Articles:

Every year, articles such as belts, laces and boots require great flexibility are therefore we suggest using creams such as Mink Oil. The cream will keep your leather supple and waterproof. If it is an unusually rainy season, we recommend doing this twice a year or as often as you can.

Hardened Leather Articles:

We strongly suggest using Wax on articles like pauldrons, bracers, armor and helmets or hard leather surfaces such as vegetable tanned leather. The wax will keep the surface hard as well as protected.