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Celtic Drinking Horn, Light - 500 ml - Epic Armoury Unlimited
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Celtic Drinking Horn, Light - 500 ml


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The Light Celtic Drinking Horn has the makings of a tribesman and is perfect for feasting in style. This beautiful drinking vessel is coated in a food-grade epoxy, making it easy to clean after your night of celebration.  This is the best horn to use if you want to stay in character at your LARP. 

Our top quality drinking horns are safe to drink from but there are limitations to what you can put into them. Because they are a natural product, these drinking horns react to changes in temperature and to the acids produced by certain beverages. Every horn will vary in shape, size and color, but we do are best to respect the image as close as possible.

  • Do not fill it with hot beverage, or place it in a hot environment
  • Use a bottle brush and regular dish soap in lukewarm water to clean the horn 
  • Never place a drinking horn in a dishwasher
  • Not suitable for strong liquors or soda. Wine, mead and beer works fine.
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