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Full Bear Fur - Epic Armoury Unlimited
Full Bear Fur - Epic Armoury Unlimited
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Full Bear Fur


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The great Canadian Black Bear fur is a rare find. This amazing real bear skin is perfect for tribal hunters and warriors looking to wear their trophies. This fur is very warm and will keep you dry during your LARP event. 

Fur Trapping in Canada is government regulated and is a sustainable and progressive activity. Trapping for fur and food remains an important economic and cultural activity, especially in remote communities. However, in most developed countries including Canada, human-wildlife conflict is increasing. This is leading to a growing need for wildlife control in both urban and rural areas. Trapping is an important tool used for this purpose.

Why Trap?

Trapping continues to occur in all parts of Canada (and around the world) for many reasons:

  • to protect natural habitat, farmland, roads and other property from wildlife damage;
  • for disease control (such as rabies or beaver fever);
  • to maintain or improve the biodiversity of both animals and plants;
  • to protect vulnerable species from over-abundant predators or competing species;
  • for public safety;
  • to safely remove wildlife in urban and suburban areas;
  • for reintroducing species to their historical territories;
  • for conservation research;
  • for environmental and wildlife monitoring;
  • for furs and food.