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RFB Cape, Brown
RFB Cape, Brown
RFB Cape, Brown
RFB Cape, Brown
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RFB Cape, Brown

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The Brown RFB Cape is a is perfect camouflage for bandits and warriors alike. This light cotton cape can be used to hide to protect yourself from the elements or to disguise your weapons when walking through a city. This classic cape is usable by any LARP warrior.

A CAPE LENGTH 110 CM 103 CM 120 CM 130 CM 142 CM
H HOOD OPENING 32 CM 28 CM 34 CM 38 CM 46 CM
I HOOD DEPTH 24 CM 21 CM 27 CM 30 CM 33 CM


Epic Armoury's highest priority is to depict the aesthetics and the look of the people and races in our Epic Circle and to capture and recreate the spirit and feel of that specific time or fantasy realm. When buying our LARP clothing, you are buying quality costuming made mainly from natural fibers, with support from man-made materials.

Note: Maintenance is required to obtain your right to claim our two 2-Year Warranty!

Washing Instructions:

Upon receiving your clothing, we recommend that you wash each article separately in cold water using a handful of salt to help seize the color in the fabric and prevent bleed. The salt will help reduce fading. Also always turn the garment inside out to protect the outer side when washing your clothes.

Regular wash in cold water (80°F) to avoid shrinkage and color bleed and wash on minimal agitation when possible to prevent tearing of the fibres. The warmer the water, the greater the color bleed and shrinkage. When drying on a clothesline outside, keep the clothes turned inside out. This will prevent the sun from fading the colors on the fabric.

Shake your garments after removal from the washing machine to minimize wrinkles, then reshape them on a drying rack or hang dry.


Never place your Epic Armoury LARP clothing in the dryer, or else they will only fit a gnome!